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Rules and conditions for using 3D Secure

Thank you for the interest shown towards Cartu Bank Credit and Debit cards; we congratulate you for the choice you made in order to increase the security of your transactions.

1. Acceptance rules

  1. Cartu Bank offers you the 3D Secure service, service which offers you the possibility of performing on-line transactions (on the Internet) in conditions of maximum security, only in accordance with the present Rules and Conditions for using the service. The conditions can be modified at a certain period of time and you will be notified through the official Internet page of Cartu Bank, or; these pages offer you the possibility of having access to the latest version of the Rules and Conditions of using the service. The transactions which you will perform by using the 3D Secure service are under the compliance of the version that is in force at the date of performing the transaction.
  2. The cardholder admits the fact that generating the access password and using the 3D Secure service represents his specific acceptance of the Rules and Conditions for using the service.
  3. Cartu Bank, Visa International reserves the right of modifying, improving or ceasing this service without any prior notice. 
  4. At the specific request of Cartu Bank, you also agree to sign a non-electronic version (paper based) of these Rules and Conditions.

2. Description of the 3D Secure service.

The 3D Secure service offers you a security standard for e-commerce transactions (transactions performed on-line, on the Internet) which includes the latest technologies and reducing the possibilities of fraudulent transactions on the Internet. Activating this service means also that the Cardholder must fill in an on-line form with his personal information and to establish a set of identification data that will be used later on to confirm his identity while performing e-commerce transactions. The information provided will not be shown to merchants on the Internet or to any other third party, under any circumstance.

3. Obligations related to enlisting in the 3D Secure service

By activating this service:

  1. The cardholder authorizes Cartu Bank to keep his personal information and the information regarding the cards he owns and to use them in compliance with the stipulations of the present Rules and Conditions for using the service and of the Legislation in force.  
  2. The Cardholder certifies the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided and assures Cartu Bank that will notify the Bank as soon as possible about any modification of the information; in case it is proven that the personal information are fales, inaccurate, not updated or incomplete, Cartu Bank reserves the right to suspend in any moment the access to this service.

4. Activating 3D Secure service

  1. In order to use the 3D Secure service provided by Cartu Bank, the cardholder must provide certain information which will allow the Bank to verify his identity in comparison with the information that is already existing in the data base of the Bank, in order to determine whether he is the real cardholder of the account from where he wants to make payments for e-commerce transactions or that he has the right to use the cards that he will enlist for this service. Also the Cardholder guarantees that the information provided is correct and true and that he is entitled to use the cards which will be enrolled in this service.   
  2. Cartu Bank reserves the right to deny the activation of the 3D Secure service if the necessary information required to verify the identity have not been provided.
  3. In order to be able to access the 3D Secure service, the Cardholder must have Internet access and to have the necessary equipment for this purpose.
  4. For any supplementary information regarding the 3D Secure service and e-commerce transactions, or in case of any problems that may occur while activating the service, the Cardholder must contact CEBLine service at 0801.000.000 (available in Romtelecom fix network) or 0750.000.000 (available from any network). The service is available non-stop and the phone calls have standard cost.

5. Confidentiality

  1. The personal information provided at the enrollment will not be shown to any merchant on the Internet or any other third party, under any circumstance.
  2. By joining the present Rules and Conditions for using the service, the Cardholder authorizes Cartu Bank to use his personal information in order to verify his identity while performing transactions on the Internet and to reveal these information only to the entitled parties, in the conditions of the law.
  3. I hereby acknowledge that I can exercise all the rights stipulated by the Law no 677/2001 regarding the people’s protection for processing personal information and the free circulation of this information, published in the Official Monitor no. 790/12.12.2001:
    1. The right to the information: the right of being informed regarding the identity of the operator, the purpose for processing the information, the person or categories of persons who will receive the information, the existence of the rights stipulated by the Law no. 677/2001 for the entitled person and the conditions in which can be exercised;
    2. The right to interfere: the right to obtain upon request and free of charge the rectification, blocking, deleting or transforming into anonymous data, the information who’s processing is not in compliance with the law, especially incomplete or inaccurate information;
    3. The right to oppose: the right to oppose in any moment for justified and legitimate reasons related to the particular situation of the cardholder that the information related to him is the object of processing, except for the cases in which there are legal circumstances. This right can be exercised in the following conditions: a request will be sent to Cartu Bank, in written format, dated and signed, in which will be mentioned the information upon which the opposition is requested, as well as the justified reason regarding the particular situation of the person. The request will also contain a copy of the ID of the solicitor.
    4. The right of not being submitted to a individual decision: the right to request and obtain the retraction, cancellation or re-evaluation of any decision which has legal effect regarding a certain person, based exclusively upon information received from processing the data base of information with personal character, made with automatic means, in order to obtain an evaluation of his personality, professional competence, credibility, behavior and other aspects;
    5. The right to address to the National Authority for Supervision of Personal Data Processing or to Justice in order to protect any right guaranteed by the Law no. 677/ 2001 that has been violated.
  4. In case the personal information has been compromised or the Cardholder suspects this situation (ex: card number, expiry date, CNP, CVV2/CVC2 code) it is mandatory to inform Cartu Bank by calling customer service on: 995 322 92 55 92 and to request the blocking of the card until the solicitation is solved.

6. Security of the access password

  1. The access password which the Cardholder will use in order to perform transactions is dynamic. As a result, at every transaction made, he will receive through an SMS message a new password, different from the others. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to keep the confidentiality of the password, and of the identification information which he uses in order to perform transaction on the Internet.
  2. The Cardholder engages himself to notify Cartu Bank immediately, in case there are suspicions regarding the confidentiality of the personal information and their usage on the Internet, according to art 5 above. Also, he will not disclose under any circumstance information regarding the password and the identification data. Cartu Bank, Visa can not be held responsible for any damages that may occur in case the Cardholder does not follow the present Rules and Conditions for using the service.   
  3. Before providing any identification information in order to perform payments on the Internet, it is mandatory for the Cardholder to verify the authenticity of the website, using at least the following measures:
    1. Existence of the “Verified by Visa” logo;
    2. Security certificates of the pages who are requesting these information
    3. Existence of the specific 3D Secure Cartu Bank greeting messages, messages established by the Cardholder in the moment of activating the service. 

7. Interdictions

The following are forbidden:

  1. Replacing a person or entity who is using 3D Secure service or has a card issued by Cartu Bank
  2. Sending by any method, virus programs in order to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any hardware / software component (including communication) of the service.
  3. Sending spam messages by any method or invading Verified by Visa website that has been accessed.
  4. Modification, adaptation, de-compilation or breaking up, sub-licensing, translation or selling of any part of the 3D Secure.
  5. Erasing any notification regarding property rights (copyright, trademark)
  6. The usage of any methods (search application, devices, processes) in order to find or reproduce the navigation structure, the presentation and content of the website by displaying the Verified by Visa.
  7. Interrupting the access to this service to other users, to servers or connected networks.
  8. Not following the present Rules and Conditions of using the service and also of the rules and specific procedures for 3D Secure in general or to any network related to this.
  9. Violating, with or without intention any legal regulation, whether it is local, international or any other rules established by Visa for using this service.

8. Responsibility

  1. The Cardholder is directly responsible for the confidentiality of the password and the identification information and implicitly for the e-commerce transactions performed by accessing the 3D Secure service.
  2. Cartu Bank can not be held responsible for:
    1. Modifications, ceasing or interruption of the service from independent causes;
    2. Malfunctions of the computer or phone services / connections to the network that may occur during e-commerce transactions;
    3. Any damage that may appear due to viruses that can affect the Cardholder’s equipment while performing transactions.
  3. The payments signed with the 3D Secure password are irrevocable and can not be disputed, their cancellation and possible solutions to problems that may appear will be solved only based on an agreement with the merchant beneficiary of the payment.

9. Ceasing of the service

  1. The cardholder has the possibility at any moment to contact customer service at CEBLine in order to block the card for e-commerce transactions (transactions performed on-line on the Internet)
  2. Cartu Bank reserves the right to deactivate temporarily or permanently the Cardholder’s access to 3D Secure service for justified reasons (ex: suspicion of fraud). The Bank will inform the Cardholder about the blocking / deactivation of the 3D Secure service and of the card for performing transactions on the Internet, as well as the reasons in the shortest time possible, except for the cases when providing this information is in contradiction with the justified reasons or in case the divulging of the reasons is forbidden by other laws.  
  3. The Cardholder’s responsibility regarding the transactions already performed does not modify, even if the service has been deactivated.

10. Merchant relationship.

  1. The Cardholder has the liberty to buy goods / services on the Internet by accessing this service. Although, the correspondence with the chosen merchants, participating at on-line promotions, payment and delivery of the goods / services bought, any other conditions and guarantees associated with these are only between him and the merchant. Cartu Bank, Visa International can not be held responsible under any circumstances for any damages that may occur from the direct relationship between the Cardholder and the merchants.
  2. By using this service it does not mean that Cartu Bank, Visa International recommends in any way a certain merchant on the Internet or that they guarantee the quality of the goods / services.
  3. Any litigation regarding the merchant’s inability to comply with the payment conditions, delivery, quality of the goods / services bought will be solved exclusively between the merchant and the Cardholder. The Cardholder must have as many information as possible about the merchant and to save on his computer the page that contains the proof of making the transaction, the delivery conditions, details of the transaction, the correspondence with the merchant, etc.

11. Property rights

Through these Rules and Conditions, the Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. The 3D Secure service contains information that are protected by the law of intellectual property and other laws in force.
  2. Cartu Bank will grant a license of usage which is not exclusive of the 3D Secure service and of the improvements that will be added in time, in compliance with the present Rules and Conditions.
  3. The Cardholder will not copy, alter or use in any way the Cartu Bank – property of Cartu Bank, 3D Secure (property of Visa International) and the logos, products and names related to this service.

12. General rules

  1. By accepting these Rules and conditions, the Cardholder admits that he has the legal capacity to honor the payment obligations that may occur from using this service.
  2. These Rules and Condition are a benefit offered by the Bank to the customer, based on the card contract signed between the Cardholder and Cartu Bank

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Cartu Bank offers you the highest security standard for online transactions performed with Cartu Bank Visa cards.

In order to eliminate any possibility of fraudulent card transactions on the Internet, Cartu Bank offers free enrolment in Verified by Visa service for your card.

In order to activate the 3D Secure Service to perform online transactions, you need to register for the service only once. The registration process is very simple; on the next page you will be asked some questions to verify your identity. Once your answers have been verified you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number. After your registration is complete you do not have to do anything else and in future every time you use your Visa card online at a VbV enabled merchant, Cartu Bank will send a one-time-use password (OTP) to your mobile phone number via SMS. All your future Visa card transactions will be authenticated through a dynamic password that you will receive via SMS.

In case you are not sure in your answers (don't have information or don't remember them), or have any questions, click "Don't Activate Now" button and contact Cartu Bank Costumer Service on 995 322 92 55 92.

Before activating your card in "Verified by Visa" service, please read the following 3D Secure Terms and Conditions. By selecting the “Activate Now" button, you agree with 3D Secure Terms and Conditions.